Our Mission

At the Natural Sleep Shop, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, non-toxic sleep products that can help you create the healthy sleep sanctuary you deserve.

We opened our store as a result of our own unfortunate experience after purchasing a synthetic foam mattress for our home.  As a cancer survivor, I was distraught when I began experiencing multiple ill-health effects following that purchase. When an indoor air quality test confirmed dangerous levels of toxins in our bedroom, we removed the chemical-laden mattress from our home.  My symptoms began to improve.

We then began our search for a company that could provide us with a pure, organic and extremely comfortable night’s sleep.  We found many deceptive products that were listed as “natural” and “pure,” only to find out that they contained some real, natural latex, but were blended with large amounts of synthetic foam.  Even some listed as “organic” contained only a small part of organic material.

Then our search led us to Savvy Rest Natural Bedroom. They produce top quality sleep systems made of layers of the purest, natural latex inside, with certified organic cotton and certified organic wool casings. The company’s philosophy, which is to create products that are pure, comfortable, and a great value, all the while maintaining their core value of integrity, led us to choose their mattress. Our purchase from Savvy Rest made the greatest difference in the indoor air quality in our home, my health, the quality of our sleep, and our peace of mind.

As an elementary educator, I have been very concerned watching the number of childhood illnesses dramatically increase over the last several years, including asthma, autism, and childhood cancers. I believe it is of the utmost importance for our children’s future to provide them with as much of a chemical-free environment and nutrition as possible throughout their fragile, developmental years.

We have since expanded our product lines we carry for you and your children to include Naturepedic,  Holy Lamb Organics, Kids Comfort and more.  We continue to keep our top priorities of safety, quality, purity and value in mind.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.  It would be a pleasure to help you create a natural bedroom for you and your family.

Darlene & Chuck